Stichfrei protects humans and animals for up to six hours against irksome insect bites such as from gnats, stinging flies, gadflies, mosquitoes, sandflies, tropical mopane-flies and tsetse flies. Just spray it on your skin and forget about gnats and gadflies. Stichfrei has been tested for its toxicological harmlessness and is successfully used on all continents: Be it in the tropical jungles of Brazil, the gnat-ridden forests of Finland, the subtropical rainwoods of the Himalayas, Africa or the subtropical zone of Australia, Stichfrei convinced its users in any part of our world.

Due to the plant oils that it contains, Stichfrei, which also smells very pleasant, also cares for your skin and protects it against dehydration. The UV-B filter that it contains also protects your skin against sunburn. Together with the insect repellent, it is the ideal combination for anglers, hikers, bathing beauties and sun worshipers. Permitted for general sale in Switzerland under BAG T No. 79557. Stichfrei has been awarded with the distinction of ‘very good’ in all dermatological tests.

Available in single use wipes, 10ml and 100ml spray bottles.


Care of skin, paws and Ear:

Sensitive spots are to be treated with a few drops of BALLISTOL animal that are simply rubbed in. In winter preventive treatment against soreness resulting from the use of salt against icy roads and pavements is recommended. BALLISTOL animal endorses the growth of hair in case of chafing. BALLISTOL animal is ideal for care after injuries.

Care of tail, fur, coat and hooves:

Brush the tail well applying BALLISTOL animal, crusts will soften up and dissolve. The hair will become shiny and loose. The mane can be treated adequately. Hooves are to be cleaned first then painted with BALLISTOL animal. Chafing, e.g. at the base of the tail, ought to be treated twice a day with BALLISTOL animal. Sore spots from the saddle are to be handled in the same way.

BALLISTOL animal is well-tested and has no side effects whatsoever. Accidental intake, for example through licking the fur, is totally safe.

Dermatologically harmless and recommended by European vets.

Available in single use wipes, 10ml and 100ml bottles.